Under the tuscan sun

At the end of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane, she has a realization. Her dream came true: the home, the friends, the family, the warmth of being surrounded by people she loves who love her. It doesn’t look like she thought it would but there it is. She created it.

Today I made a similar realization. In my vision I have a computer on one side of the living room and a sewing machine on the other. Here in my forever home I sit at my desk and look across the room at my sewing machine. I did it. There was an outdoor space and a kitchen in that vision, too, and there is an outdoor space (deck) and a kitchen in my forever home right now. It doesn’t look like I thought it would, but here it is. I created it.

I post today to remind myself to celebrate that the dream came true. To recognize and be aware that the prayers were answered. The visioning worked. I did it. I almost didn’t notice. And say thank you. Thank you to Spirit, thank you to the Law, and thank you to Lois for making it happen. Also, take time to enjoy it for heaven’s sake. Be happy, dammit.

Get down into it more now. Dive in, go deeper. Feel it and enjoy it even more. Rejoice in it. Write more and sew more.

I started feeling creative in that moment and getting ideas for my place that is very cluttered. I spend a lot of time in bed because I don’t want to be awake. I don’t spend time in this living room dream I created because I’m scared.

For some reason, today, I did it. Lunar eclipse? That last energy reading from Daniel Hanneman? One more day doing Morning Pages? Who knows? Who knows?

Focus on how it’s going to feel. Focus on what feels good. Notice when you’re feeling good. Notice when you’re happy. Notice when you’re lit up. Then do more of that.

One more thing: Blessings to the Tik Tokker who posted about sipping her coffee and manifesting her beach house. I had never heard this before. And that is, take something you do every day that you enjoy. For her it was sipping her morning coffee. Works for me. As she sipped her coffee, she visualized and imagined that she was sipping her coffee while sitting in her beach house. She wanted a beach house and that is how she manifested it.

If you’d like to feel better or share a dream or a vision with me, contact me at equinoxenergy@outlook.com or loisbaker29@gmail.com. Wherever two or more are gathered, there is Love. And Love is the ultimate healer. Love who you are. Love what you do.

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