Thank you


Today It’s OK

It’s okay to be confused.  Today is not a day for action; it is a day for dreaming, for tuning into the subconscious, for visualizing.

Don’t think today– feel.

In this state of mind, I was flipping through a catalog.  An image of a GARDEN spoke to my heart.  So i rest in that garden image today.

In all the post-election chatter, speculation and emotion, what brings me peace is an article on the Super Moon– a scientific article describing what a super moon is.  Facts.  Nature.  How. Brings me peace.  Not why but how….

Rest in the simple things.  Be present in this moment.

Over the weekend, I watched a video online about water quality.  Citizens for a Healthy Iowa.  Something solid; something happening; something I care about.  I learn about it first before taking action.

Find something solid; something happening; deepen your understanding before taking action.


Yeah, but what are we going to do on Monday?

story from Joan Rivers’ documentary

Chris Rock had just hit it big.  He got a new agent who said to him:  “Chris! You’re going to be a big star– bigger than Eddie Murphy, maybe!  You’ll be an international star.  Your name will be on marquees, in newspapers, magazines, television– you’ll be a household name.  You’ll be known all over the world.”

“Yeah,” he replied, “but what are we going to do on Monday?”

You already know everything you need to know

It’s just a matter of remembering.

Being connected with your highest self, your soul self, with the Universe is your natural state.  I can help you re-connect.

I provide a free energy scan.  During the 15-minute scan I will read your energy field,  identify current challenges, as well as your greatest gifts.

Together we can identify and clear the source of your greatest pain.


Series of 3:

I offer a one-time consultation for $75.  People have the best success when they commit to a series of 3.  In the first session, I will scan your energy field, do a chakra reading and balancing and energy clearing.  In the follow-up session we will identify goals, connect with resources, provide accountability, and do channeled prayer.

In the 3rd session you will learn to re-connect with Source and be introduced to yoru spirit guides as well as be given tools to go forward.


Healing Happens Together


Here are some things clients have said:

You are awesome.

You have no idea how much you helped me.  I feel completely different.  I could see that white light coming out of my head that you saw.  And I focused on that.  I also called on Archangel Raphael like you said.   Trisha Knowley, Sandy, Utah

You’re really going to help people.  You’re going to do a lot of good things for people.

I can’t believe you can see all that.  You are just amazing.  Awesome. You are really good at this.  Don’t ever stop.  Eril Wiehahn, Capetown, South Africa

You can really bring it!  Thank you so much.  That was amazing. VERY powerful prayer. Allen Roach, Trinidad

Healing Happens Together

I am intimidated when I read the qualifications of other healers.  They are licensed massage therapists, Reiki masters, licensed marriage and family counselors, and life coaches.  Not me.  I simply discovered that I have a gift.  I would like to share that gift with you.

You know your symptoms, but what is the problem?  The answer to the problem, is always in the problem.  During an energy scan, I can help you to define what is at the root of your discomfort, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  As an intuitive professional I can help you define the root cause of your pain.

I have read a lot of self help books and books on spirituality.  I was trying to feel better.  Then I got tired of my problems and hired a life coach.  She took a stand for me.  She fought for me.  She channeled love.  She helped me to see things differently.  I realized that I was never going to get better alone in my room with my nose in a book.  Healing happens together.

Ultimately, the only healer is love.  The healing process is a mystery.  A doctor can put anti-bacterial ointment on a cut and place a bandage over it to protect it from infection, but the cut seals itself.  The body heals itself.  We can learn to harness that powerful healing power that we hold within us and clear our emotional blocks, false beliefs, cognitive errors and confusion.

You deserve to be clear.

I work in collaboration with other healers who practice a variety of healing modalities.

Gifted Healer

Intuitive Professional

You can learn to heal yourself.  You can learn the power of self healing.

Certified Energy Scan Practitioner, Level I.  Chakra Clearing and Energy Balancing.


In order for things to change, something has to change…

My son and I share a home.  He begins a new job on Monday and his starting time is 7 a.m.  This is a new routine for our household.  Prior to this he has worked nights.  So he is going out as I am coming in.  I leave the house at 7:45 and arrive at work between 8:15 and 8:30.

So, here is what is going to change.  I am going to get up at the same time as he does and plan to arrive at work at 7 a.m.  I will use that time to write.  Write this blog.  It’s going to be so great.

I’m also going to save money because i plan to make us breakfast.  Breakfast muffins, smoothies, breakfast burritos, oatmeal for me.  This will be healing because mornings when he was growing up were pretty chaotic.  He lived on French Toast Sticks from Burger King.  His clothes were always too small and there were unfinished homework assignments wadded up in the bottom of his backpack.  I didn’t know i was supposed to look.


Just change one thing.  And other changes will naturally occur from there.