About Me

“Your life is about to get a whole lot better,” said my Reiki master teacher*. And she was right. Reiki was the last piece of the puzzle that I needed to reach the next level of well-being.

Pain is a teacher. Whether it’s emotional pain or physical pain, we seek relief. With the help of many healers, I’ve found answers and relief from a lifetime of anxiety and depression.  I’ve overcome bipolar disorder, addiction, and financial insecurity.  You have everything you need within and have the power to heal yourself. You just need a guide to remind you of who you are. In seeking relief from my own suffering, I discovered I have a gift for healing others.  I act as a conduit.  That means that I can connect you to your own Divine Source, your higher self, your Divine Wisdom and Guidance.  You know it’s there.  By stepping into your energy field as a conduit for Love I re-connect you to your own Source Guidance, giving you access to knowledge and insight designed specifically for you and only you.


“I woke up a different person.  I could see a white light over my head connecting to Spirit.  There has been a total shift since the reading on Friday.  You are going to do great things for people.”  Trisha Knowley Thompson, Sandy, Utah

“I can’t believe you can see all that.  You are just amazing.  Awesome. You are really good at this.  Don’t ever stop.”  …  Eril Wiehahn, Capetown, South Africa

You can really bring it!  Thank you so much.  That was amazing. VERY powerful prayer.”  Allen Roach, Trinidad

“I love talking to you; you always ground me.”  Shari Leiterman, Riverview, FL

“I always feel lifted after we talk.”  … Diana L., Charlotte, SC

“Lois did an energy reading for me and it was very insightful and intuitive. The entire experience was wonderful and the feedback that Lois gave me was very useful for me to move forward with my life. Lois definitely has a gift and I am so grateful for her generous offer to do the Energy reading for me. Thank you Lois!!!!!” …. Cheryl Wilson, SW Florida, USA