About Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

Even though we can’t see it, energy is all around us, existing in a variety of wavelengths and frequencies.  It includes cosmic radiation, x-rays, radio waves, infrared waves, and a more subtle form that permeates the entire universe and comprises everything within it, including you and me.  This is the universal energy field or simply the unified field. Scientific researchers are on the brink of of being able to use scientific measurement and instruments to observe and discover more about the unified field. (King, Deborah; Be your own shaman: heal yourself and others with 21st-century energy medicine / Deborah King. Hay House Publishers, 2011, p.2)

This unified field or Source can be accessed by all of us with expanded awareness and intention.  By tapping into this Source, healing can happen.  Energy is medicine.  It is an incredibly powerful tool to use to heal emotionally, physically, and gain spiritual insight and wisdom to enhance your well-being.

Illness and dis-ease will come to us from our energy field prior to manifesting as an illness or symptom of an illness.  If we can clear our energy field, we can heal disease, avoid disease and live a more joyful, abundant life.

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