Healing Happens Together

Dorothy Ended up Back in Kansas

This search for enlightenment, for God, for meaning, for purpose-- eventually, you must find.  Some people delay arrival, delay the FINDING part, because seeking becomes a way of life.  We expect we will know what to do once we "get there."  Getting there?  is it a letdown?  Wizard of Oz is a metaphor for life.  … Continue reading Dorothy Ended up Back in Kansas


Stop Trying to Fix It

I've started thinking differently. Human beings are programmed to fix problems.  We're problem-solvers. Well, stop it.  For one thing, when a person confides in you their problem, they don't want you to fix it.  That has been my experience, anyway.  They want to be heard.  They want someone to listen to them and ask questions.  … Continue reading Stop Trying to Fix It