Love and Respect

It’s so important how people treat you.

If you’re treated with respect, you’ll respect yourself.

If people act like they love and want you you’re loved and wanted whether you deserve it or not and you probably don’t. Who does? What does one have to do to DESERVE love, to be worthy of love?

When we moved in to our new building, it was like becoming a different person. I felt like more was expected of me and that I wanted to give more, be more. I wanted to feel worthy of this building.

I think about kids in poverty. I’m thinking back to the book by Jonathan Kozoll, Savage Inequalities, which described the deplorable conditions of inner city schools: mold, toilets that don’t work, outdated textbooks or no textbooks and on and on. What would happen if you give them a beautiful facility? The students would feel worthy. They would feel loved and respected. They would want to give more, be more. They would want to feel worthy of that building and give back.

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