You already know everything you need to know

It’s just a matter of remembering.

Being connected with your highest self, your soul self, with the Universe is your natural state.  I can help you re-connect.

I provide a free energy scan.  During the 15-minute scan I will read your energy field,  identify current challenges, as well as your greatest gifts.

Together we can identify and clear the source of your greatest pain.


Series of 3:

I offer a one-time consultation for $75.  People have the best success when they commit to a series of 3.  In the first session, I will scan your energy field, do a chakra reading and balancing and energy clearing.  In the follow-up session we will identify goals, connect with resources, provide accountability, and do channeled prayer.

In the 3rd session you will learn to re-connect with Source and be introduced to yoru spirit guides as well as be given tools to go forward.


Healing Happens Together


Here are some things clients have said:

You are awesome.

You have no idea how much you helped me.  I feel completely different.  I could see that white light coming out of my head that you saw.  And I focused on that.  I also called on Archangel Raphael like you said.   Trisha Knowley, Sandy, Utah

You’re really going to help people.  You’re going to do a lot of good things for people.

I can’t believe you can see all that.  You are just amazing.  Awesome. You are really good at this.  Don’t ever stop.  Eril Wiehahn, Capetown, South Africa

You can really bring it!  Thank you so much.  That was amazing. VERY powerful prayer. Allen Roach, Trinidad

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