Today It’s OK

It’s okay to be confused.  Today is not a day for action; it is a day for dreaming, for tuning into the subconscious, for visualizing.

Don’t think today– feel.

In this state of mind, I was flipping through a catalog.  An image of a GARDEN spoke to my heart.  So i rest in that garden image today.

In all the post-election chatter, speculation and emotion, what brings me peace is an article on the Super Moon– a scientific article describing what a super moon is.  Facts.  Nature.  How. Brings me peace.  Not why but how….

Rest in the simple things.  Be present in this moment.

Over the weekend, I watched a video online about water quality.  Citizens for a Healthy Iowa.  Something solid; something happening; something I care about.  I learn about it first before taking action.

Find something solid; something happening; deepen your understanding before taking action.


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