Start from Today

I’ve been in a funk with very low productivity.  Goals?  What goals?  Finding my socks was about as ambitious as I could be.  Where are my socks? Oh, on top of the dryer because I didn’t have the energy to fold the clothes and put them away.  But, hey, they’re clean!  Yay me. That’s the way it’s been for I don’t even know how long because when you get in a downspin like that, one doesn’t really blog about it or keep track.

Here’s the good news.  It’s a new day.  Energy has returned; things are looking up.  I found myself feeling disappointed in myself and regretting what I DIDN’T do– the wasted time, the failed opportunities and I was thinking, oh why even bother, I’m never going to get this done.

Then I read this in the World Tribune:

What is the distinguishing feature of youth?

Youth is not a matter of chronological age. I believe that from the perspective of faith, all whose lives right now are filled with fresh determination are youthful champions of the Mystic Law.

What matters is not how your situation was last year, or even just yesterday, but how you will challenge yourself, how you will advance and triumph from this year, from today. This is the spirit of the Buddhism of true cause.[1]

Reaffirming this principle that everything starts from now, let’s begin each day with a fresh, renewed spirit.   Daisaku Ikeda

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