Follow through on the Guidance You Have Already Been Given

All is well.  That feels weird, doesn’t it?  We’re so used to being in a state of anxiety or worry or discomfort, that when things are OK, we wonder what the heck is going on and how long will it last.  It’s hard to trust OK.

Once, Dr. Tanya said to me as I lie on her table, “You. Are. Well.”  There was nothing wrong with me.  A young doctor in Jacksonville, FL once told me that most of her patients were “the worried well.”

Jeshua Ben Joseph talks about us being addicted to seeking. We’ve been searching for the answers so long, that is all we know how to do.  Search.

Now is the time to trust our knowing.  Now is the time to remember the guidance that we have already been given and go ahead and trust it, and follow it.  Continue to follow it.

Opening up the Crown Chakra will help us to trust our guidance and continue on the path.

Here is a link to some tips on how to do that:

This one is from Doreen Virtue but if you SEARCH, you will find another.

I see the irony.

Much love,


P.S.  This goes for other things as well.  Worldly things.  For example, we know that preschool education is the solution to racial inequality.  Let’s just focus people! and invest in Pre-K.  Study after study after study shows that if a child has preschool education s/he is more likely to complete high school, find sustainable employment and even go on to college.  Those formative years are crucial.  Fewer young men and women of color end up in the correctional system.  I should follow through on my own advice and plug in the facts here.


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