No Complaints

Complaining is really important.  I don’t care how much meditation, prayer, chanting, self-talk, reading, exercising, (name spiritual/wellness practice here). you do, there’s nothing like a good rant to clear the soul.

There’s that anger studio in Minot, ND where men who’ve been laid off from the evil oil industry get to come and smash things.  It was so popular that the wives said, hey, what about us?  and they opened up special sessions for wives (spouses).

there’s an article about complaining written by someone more clever than I.

i accuse co-workers of being gossipy and catty and THEY ARE.  But, i indulged myself recently in a catty remark about a co-worker and I felt so much better afterwards.

it’s just human nature, I guess.  mean girls.

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