Teenage mothers give birth to teenage mothers

Teenage mothers give birth to teenage mothers who give birth to teenage mothers who give birth to teenage mothers.

The under-30 Vice President of Research that I worked for in California had dinner often with his parents who entertained CEO’s of major corporations.  He started and sold his own company by the age of 35.

I met a Jewish lady at a party in a wealthy Chicago neighborhood once and she told me about her son who had an idea for a new yogurt product, started a factory, and began to manufacture yogurt.  “How do you start a factory? Or how did he know how to start a factory?”  She looked puzzled at the question and said something, well, you just lease a space, install the equipment and hire staff.  She said it like she was explaining how to bake a lemon pie—like it was the easiest thing in the world and didn’t everybody know how to do that?

Russell Simmons, the hip-hop record producer billionaire, told Norman Lear he was grateful to George Jefferson of the Jefferson’s.  There was an episode where George pulls out his checkbook and writes a check at the kitchen table.  Russell Simmons had never seen a black man write a check.  He didn’t know that was possible.



You and I are limited by our experience and our awareness and expectations and what we know.  We’re limited by how far our parents got on the economic ladder.  We just need to be aware of our limitations—know that we don’t know.

How do we wake up if we don’t know we are asleep?

i’ll attempt to answer that but i’d love to get feedback from readers.

1.Faith that anything is possible
2.Responsibility– once we break free of the cycle of blame (consciously and unconsciously) and take full responsibility for all of our actions and circumstances, no matter what, we begin.
3. Forgiveness, of course.  Stop blaming folks and OURSELVES for past mistakes and move forward.
4. As if… those exercises in Ask and It Is Given are pretty good for getting the experience of being who we want and having.
ok:  your turn:





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