fender bender

I had a feeling I shouldn’t go over there.  It just felt wrong.  But we can’t or I can’t wait until I’m in flow and in alignment all the time before i make a move, can I?  We want it to be that way, but life moves and there’s things to be done.  I needed to go over there and check on the condo.

Crash.  I saw it coming and had no place to go.  The lady crashed into my car.

Here’s the thing:  something told me not to go over there.  It just didn’t feel right but I went anyway.  I ignored that feeling as irrational or, I don’t know what.  But this is the Universe nudging me to follow directions.  Obey, even, if you will.  If I am going to be trusted with more responsibility then I need to be able to discern when I’m being guided in certain situations.



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