Dorothy Ended up Back in Kansas

This search for enlightenment, for God, for meaning, for purpose– eventually, you must find.  Some people delay arrival, delay the FINDING part, because seeking becomes a way of life.  We expect we will know what to do once we “get there.”  Getting there?  is it a letdown?  Wizard of Oz is a metaphor for life.  Dorothy is unhappy, wants more.  She sings of somewhere over the rainbow.  Once she lands in Oz she has to get the broom of the Wicked Witch.  She finds Scarecrow looking for brains; turns out he had them all the time.  Tinman is the most sentimental even though he thinks he has no heart.  Had it all the time.  And the Cowardly Lion steps up and fights the flying monkeys.  He forges ahead to Save Dorothy.  He has courage because he goes forth even though he is frightened.  Dorothy wants to go Home.  She’s had the power all along it turns out, in the ruby red slippers.  Once she’s back there, she realizes all she needs is right in her own back yard.  She goes on her seeker’s quest and ends up right back where she started.  It’s back in black and white, too.  Nothing has changed, but Dorothy.

I’ve been a lifelong seeker.  First a Methodist, then a born-again Christian.  I stepped it up a bit and answered an altar call from the Rev. Billy Graham then had a daily prayer practice and Bible study and youth retreats.  Next came A Course in Miracles. Then, nothing.

After you scale the mountain, you enjoy the view, then you must come back down.

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