Today’s Post

Sheela-Na-Gig–Honoring Choices

I pull an amulet every morning from Nancy Blair’s Amulets of the Goddess.  Today it was Sheela-Na-Gig.  I will share some excerpts:

“…the path to wholeness is always under construction.  You are choosing and creating each step as you take it…. As you reconstruct your path, you are also re-constructing the values that make up your choices, inventing your life as you go.”

“One of the challenges of making choices is the ability to live with ambiguity just before your decision is made.  Get to know the territory of ambiguity.  Like a dog walking around a spot several times before settling in, get to know where you are planning to go.  When you make a choice that speaks from your heart, from blissful union with your Self, you’ll marvel at the magic that follows.  Honor your choices.”

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